Sustainability…making small changes

Ok so this is a topic that I certainly didn’t think would ever be, well ‘me’. However I have recently started to become a lot more aware of the amount of waste that is created in the home. It is becoming a lot more highlighted on social media and therefore a lot harder to ignore. There are more and more brands becoming more eco friendly. Education is key. Making yourself aware of the hanges that you can make in your everyday life and sticking to them. Yes we will all think ‘ but I’m only one person, I won’t make a difference’. Everybody needs to change.

I genuinely did not know, until this year, that Christmas wropping paper at was not recyclable ?? That is the small of changes I am talking about making. Do you remember that brown paper that your school books got wrapped in? That, my friends, is recyclable. So I am going to wrap the majority of the gifts I have bought for people using the brown paper. I will do my best to make them just as pretty. The fact that Ireland produces on average 30% more rubbish during the Christmas period on top of an already alarming number is not good. We can all see the amount of extra waste in our homes I’m sure.

1  | 2  | 3  | 4  |  5  | 6  | 7     This time of the year I love nothing more than to check for inspiration for gift wrapping C...
Pic is from Pinterest as I haven’t quite got around to doing the finishing touches just yet 🙂

The True Cost documentary on Netflix is a real eye opener. It focuses on the role of consumerism and mass media in todays world through fast fashion.
The documentary is shows several interviews with people from varying backgrounds: environmentalists, garment workers, factory owners, and people organizing fair trade companies or promoting sustainable clothing production. It gives a lot of food for thought. One concept to consider is 30 wears . It means you should only purchase items you will wear at least 30 times. The Quality of the garment will have to stand up to the mark. Choosing capsule pieces that will not be dated within a few months so that you can wear it again and again.

Tips for becoming more Eco Friendly

Have a reusable travel mug such as @keepcup. A lot of coffee shops and garages are now offering tea/coffee at a reduced rate for those that bring a reusable cup – win win! There are also quality stainless reusable water bottles on the market such as @chillybottles.

Reuse glass jars to store foods instead of Tupperware.

Choose fruit and vegetables in the supermarket that is not packaged, a reusable bag will do the job.

30 wears rule when purchasing new items of clothing as mentioned. Shop less, choose better, only choose pieces you love 100%

Buy less! Try to be more mindful of the purchases you make, focus on experiences not things.

Avoid single use plastics. The use of metal straws is becoming more and more popular hence more widely available.

The use of micro fibre cloths for cleaning, just pop them in the wash after a couple of uses and they are good to go again.

Perhaps consider buying locally produced goods in bulk or dry goods such as pasta or rice?

I am certainly no expert in this field but I definitely want to learn more with regards to reducing waste and carbon footprint. Any hints or tips let me know by leaving a comment.

Thanks for reading 🙂

The Weekend Conscious: Tips for Zero Waste Living

Last Minute Gift Guide

Christmas is without doubt my favorite time of year!  I love picking out presents for people that I know they will love.  In my time spent browsing online to buy presents for others I have been known to buy myself quite a few gifts also. 

There is just one week to go and since I have done so much searching online I thought I would share a few of my finds with ye.  I have picked 10 items €30 or under so they might be ideal as a stocking filler, part of a hamper or a Kris Kindle gift. Hope ye like it 🙂

Some of the items have been reduced in price already 🙂 Just click on the image to pick your favourites. 

Most online shipping finishes on Wednesday so be quick!!!

Ren Care Gift Set

Purcell & Woodcock Festive Cracker

Busy B Family Diary 2019
Love The Mug- Prosecco



White ‘Positive vibes’ zebra print T-shirt


Burgundy croc embossed panel cross body bag





Image 1 of CHAIN PRINT SCARF from Zara


Mushroom Stroganoff

There is so much conflicting views online as to what is the best sort of diet to follow.  I think the ‘fast results’ fads are beginning to fade as realistically they are not (1) healthy (2) sustainable.  Everybody’s goals are different and it is not a one plan fits all area.

More and more studies show the specifics of a diet ie Low carb high protein  etc don’t actually matter that much for weight loss in the long run, as long as it’s a healthy and realistic reduction in calorie intake.

Plant based diet however has shown to have numerous benefits.  It is based on increasing the amount of whole natural foods in the diet, eliminating highly processed meals.  Plant based is the solid base on which many weight loss programmes are derived from.

However its requires a bit of organisation, as with all healthy eating plans, if you are going to follow it strictly.  I’m not quite at this level of organisation re meal preparation (a girl can keep hoping and trying!!) so the plan is to increase plant based meals gradually without putting too much pressure on myself to do it 100%.  More of a better me project.

I made this mushroom stroganoff recipe for myself and my toddler, who ate it all so that’s a good sign she enjoyed it also!!  It was so simple, so quick and delicious. Ticking all the boxes.

Mushroom Stroganoff

1 tbsp olive oil
1 onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, grated
400g mushrooms, sliced
200g dairy yogurt (you could use soya for vegan)
1 TBSP of dijon mustard
1 tsp paprika
A bit of parsley
Salt & pepper to season
Basmati rice, to serve

In a frying pan heat the olive oil and then add the onion and garlic, cook until they are soft and translucent.
Add the mushrooms gradually to ensure they are cooked evenly for 5-10 minutes.         Add the paprika, mustard and yogurt.
Reduce the heat and simmer for 5 minutes.
Add the parsley and seasoning and serve immediately with warm Basmati rice.

I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Forming A Habit

If we are to go by the thought of ’21 days to make a habit’, I have it cracked!  I would officially be in the ‘habit’ of excercising. Habit – a routine subconscious behaviour.  Since starting my little blog in a bid to motivate myself to keep up my bid to become fitter and have a healthier lifestyle, I have either ran or went to the gym 3/4 days a week.  In fact I did it 5 days this week.  3/4 is more achievable, I’m not going to set the bar too high just yet.  As I said in my previous post consistency is my goal at present.



There is conflicting research to state that in fact it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic — 66 days to be exact.  66 days to form a habit.  At the moment exercise doesn’t feel like a chore to go out and get it done.  I think I am actually enjoying it.  So it may not be subconscious just yet but it’s getting easier.  WIN!!

One problem I did encounter is that I was going doing my exercise but I had no focus.  My main target had been to show up. Once that was done I just rolled with it.  “Fitter” is difficult to measure as it is not a definitive goal.  I went to one of instructors in the gym that I have membership in, discussed my situation, returning to fitness etc and he did up a specific plan.  It is a short-term plan due to only getting back into it but we will review it again in three weeks time.  I go in now and I know exactly what I need to do.  It cuts procrastination in half.

The weather in Ireland has been absolutely fabulous the past two weeks!!!  It is so good to see.  It has made going out running so much easier.  No second thought required if I’m free to go.  I have not been using any app or watch to track times or distance.  The trails that I have been running are roughly 5k.  I am no longer needing to take a little walk in between now so that is my measure of progression.  Small achievements but achievement nonetheless.



“A year from now you may wish you had started today.”
― Karen Lamb

Getting it Done

May 2018 may have been one of my most productive months ever.  As in ever ever!!  My wee family went on a holiday in April.  Just a week to get away from day to day life and to see a bit of sun.  During the holiday I reflected on all the things that I was putting on the long finger.  Procrastination has always been a good friend of mine.  It included regular mundane things like booking an eye test and  the dentist to applying for a course.  The kind of jobs where you think ‘I must do that’ and completely forget about it again till a few weeks later. And so on and so forth.

But no, not this time.  May has been the month that I got shit done 🙂 Eye Examination (18 months overdue) – check.   Dentist and hygienist – check.  Apply for module for postgrad – check.  I also attended a course specific to my area of work.  Training – Check.  Vegetarian – check.  I decided to try being vegetarian whilst on holiday.  Again it was something I thought about many times but never really tried.  I’m not a big red meat eater anyway but I gave it a go for the month.  I’m still a little undecided of the pros/cons for myself personally at this stage.

And last but not least I started my blog. I’m taking my time to decide where I am going with it.  But I started.  One step at a time.


For some time I have been listening to motivational speakers, reading books (none in May……..I couldn’t squeeze another thing into the month!!).  It was from these books that I decided to quit making excuses. Get it done.  Here is to the rest of 2018 being as productive. Who needs new years resolutions, start today.

“If you do what you always have done, you will get what you always have gotten” Tony Robbins

What motivates you?


Running and me

Myself and running have a love / hate relationship.  Ok ok I hate it and it hates me.  It probably hates me so much because I keep abandoning it.  I go out again and my love returns!!  So why o why don’t I just keep going!!  In steps my great intentions.  I come back after my first run, all pumped, that was great I feel so much better now, Il go again tomorrow.  Tomorrow comes.  Aw is that rain? yes of course its rain…You live in Ireland what did you expect.  Il just wait till it passes.. sits down with a cup of tea (and most likely a biscuit).  It stops raining, but I cant run straight after drinking tea….Il wait a wee while…Three weeks later, I think ill start running again

and so on and so forth…..

IMG_6158 (1)

Running for me has always been a bit of an on/off.  I know from experience that what I’m missing is consistency.  I have only recently started returning back to fitness after having a baby.  She is 18 months old now but I just wasn’t getting into routine with work and working opposite shifts to my husband.  I go for walks very regularly but it just doesn’t give that same satisfaction you get after a run or an exercise class.

But this time I know what is needed and have gotten my head back into the game. It involved a lot of the logistics of how I was going to squeeze in some sort of training into a busy house. For somebody that used to do so much exercise I feel like a bit of a newbie again!  I have recently gotten gym membership to help give me that kick start.

So my plan is to get in exercise where ever I can and make it a habit once again.  I now know that it will mean exercising on the days that I work.  It is difficult as I work 12.5 hour days, but I will try my best.  Marathon training just might not be on the cards just yet!!  pexels-photo-797637.jpeg

Is anybody else like this?  Any other ideas on how to get around it without always asking favours (they are needed for filling in a few hours during working days and special occasions!!)???

Call back to see the progress or the lack of progress I make in attempting to finally keep on track 🙂

Not another Mom Blog!!!

Hi my name is Geraldine.  I finally took the plunge and decided to start a blog! I had it in the back of my mind for so so long but decided to give it a go.  After all you will never know unless you try.  Like with everything the reasons why not to always flow to mind a lot quicker than the reasons why you should.  Nothing ever comes from your comfort zone.  I’m a big lover of motivational quotes to keep me going in all aspects of life work, study, fitness and motherhood, I’ve a feeling that will become very evident along the journey!


I’m always thinking about learning new skills and am full of great intentions, one of my main reasons for starting a blog.  To learn new skills. Photography is one skill in particular that I want to work on.  Practice is obviously the key to this.  I can’t wait to see how this may progress. All tips and ideas will be greatly accepted. Now I’m not expecting the Irish Times to come knocking but sure ya never know.

I have spent countless hours browsing through blog upon blog and through my Instagram feed looking at all the idyllic lives homes and peak levels of fitness and strength of what seems like half the country.  This is all well and good as long as you remind yourself that this is showing the best version possible.  I love to see the outtakes which gives a real glimpse and makes you realise nobody is as perfect as their Instagram feed may portray.

This is a place where I can record and share my life with you.   From juggling being a mama, working full time as a nurse, finally getting back into a fitness routine after becoming a mama and plans to move on with my studies!

I am no expert but hey, who knows, maybe I can share some useful tips & give you the odd giggle along the way.